Russian writer Ivan Turgenev wrote in the book "Fathers and Sons" in 1862, "A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound." This is one of the major benefits of process mapping.

A good process map will prompt you to say the expression "aha", leading to interesting discoveries, ideas and potential solutions to business problems. Furthermore, because process maps show how functions and activities interact with one another within an organization, there will be a higher level of involvement and agreement. This is especially true when employees participate in constructing one.

A well constructed process map is a powerful tool that can contribute towards key business, strategic and operational benefits such as:

In addition, process maps can help:

  • Identify the root cause of sub-standard process performance
  • Provide process details in the analysis phase of Six Sigma projects
  • Establish a baseline in order to validate improvement and justify change or capital expenditures
  • Protect your organization against the risk of losing knowledge capital by capturing and documenting critical current-state processes
  • Promote a process-centric attitude within your organization
  • Prepare your organization to make the transition into system requirements analysis because they describe how functions would interact with a system to complete an activity step
  • Design the future-state to know what to change and who is affected
  • Prepare your organization for ISO programs

Process Mapping Associates Inc. can meet your process mapping needs efficiently, effectively and economically. We have a distinctive methodology that captures the essential details of a process with a view on process improvement.